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Roll Up Formats – 1st Jan 22

New Team Formats for 2022

Entering singles qualifying competitions and completing the scorecard 
During the period when covid compliance rules remain in place the following procedures will apply:

Signing in
You must sign in on How-Did-I-Do or the PSI Touchscreen in the clubhouse before playing.
If you are unable to do this for whatever reason you should ask the person on reception to do it for you, but this should only be a ‘fall back’ option as errors can occur if you rely on someone else.
There is a delay mechanism built into the ClubV1 system such that if you try to sign in after the round and then enter your score, you will find that you are not be able to do so.

Score card completion
Score cards are not to be physically exchanged so you will need to keep your own score for the round, along with the score of one other member of your group. i.e., you will notionally be a ‘marker’ for another individual in the group and he will be a ‘marker’ for yourself.
You should then ratify each other’s scores after completion of the round. This should help to eliminate any errors prior to entering the score into the system.

Score entry
After the round it is your responsibility to enter your own score promptly via the PSI touchscreen or How-Did-I-Do.
If there is any doubt that you have been successful in entering your score, send a copy of your score card to the nominated Competition Administrator for that competition explaining what the problem was. Refer to the White/Notice Board in the club house for the contact details of the Competition Administrator.
Retain your score card. It does not need to be sent to anyone.

Nil Returns
It is an important principle of the World Handicap System that players return a score for a qualifying competition.
Failure to submit a score, before 17:00 on the day of the competition, will normally result in:

  • your disqualification from the competition and
  • a penalty score being added to your WHS handicap record.

In addition, any competition fees will not be refunded.

Unfinished round
 If you have to leave the course unexpectedly without finishing your round (other than for a poor round of golf) you should provide an explanation to the Competition Administrator in order that your circumstances can be taken into account. Unfinished rounds with 10 or more completed holes can still be utilised for handicap purposes.