Roll-up formats & rules

Rules for silverware and team games please click the links below:
Rules of Seniors silverware competitions

Roll Up Formats

Procedure for entering qualifying competitions and completing the scorecard (during covid)

Before going out – Signing in (singles competitions only)
You must sign in on How-Did-I-Do or the Touchscreen before playing.
If you are unable to do this for whatever reason you should ask the person on reception to do it for you but this should only be a ‘fall back’ option as errors can occur if you rely on someone else.
If you try to sign in after the round you will not be able to enter your score as there is a four hour delay between signing in and score entry availability. If this happens, please send your card to Bob Clarke.
Scoring on the course
To avoid exchanging cards please keep your own score. You must also keep the score of one other member of your group so that you can check each other’s score after 9 and 18 holes. This will help to eliminate errors.
Score entry
After the round you must enter your own score on the touchscreen or on How-Did-I-Do. Your card does not have to be sent to Bob Clarke. If, however, there is any doubt that you have been successful in entering your score then please send your card to Bob. There have been some instances on How-Did-I-Do where the system has rejected a score entry and the player has not noticed this.
No Returns
If you play in the competition then you must enter a score. If you decide to enter a no return this still has to be entered on the touchscreen or How-Did-I-Do. In a Stableford you should either enter all zeros or just enter the scores for the holes you have completed. In a Medal, entering any zero will automatically result in a no return. Doing nothing is not an option.

Handicap details: In order to check your handicap you may either view on the computer in the pro shop, or you may log in to the new app titled ClubV1 Members Hub. Please see the following link: ClubV1 Members Hub

You will be presented with the log on page. Enter your username (e-mail address registered with Studley Wood golf club) and your password. Upon logging off this site and closing your browser you will return to the seniors web site.