Away Days

Seniors Autumn Away Day to Wrag Barn Tuesday 13th October (Studley closed due to Pro Euro Tour)

Please see report on the day below:


In the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, on 13thOctober twenty Studley Stalwarts headed out West for the Badlands of Wiltshire. The Club House at Wrag Barn proved to be a Covid Castle, with masks compulsory inside except when eating or drinking, maintenance of Four Ball Bubbles and social distancing all day.

We set off with the hair of some soft-lifted by the winnowing wind. The WB track, much the same length as SW, snakes over undulating terrain with a variety of interesting holes, many studded with awkward water features. The course was in good condition but Winter Rules were adopted to deal with the muddying effects of damp fairways and Pick and Place was allowed in the bunkers.

Nearest The Pin at the 3rd was majestically won by John Dennis.

The outstanding shot of the day was at the 5th . The player, who wishes to remain nameless, sent a towering drive over a massive expanse of water, which landed softly on the top of the retaining sleepers on the far side and rolled gently towards the edge of the green. Two putts, four points, but no reward.

Emulating the feat of Steve Willingham at Burnham Beeches, Ian Mc Intyre managed to get inside Vic Churchley at the 16thto win the other NTP.

After a tasty meal of Chicken & Leek Pie with chips, followed by Strawberry Cheesecake, David Scott became drunk with excitement when it was announced by the Seniors’ Captain that he and his partner had won a bottle of Merlot each in the Stableford Better Ball Pairs ( pronounced, with a feline accent, as “purrs” in Huyton ), but then conceded that it was their playing partners, Vic Churchley and Peter Hopcroft, who had actually come in with the best score of 44 points. The error was due to a mistaken reading of the card by the organizer. Phil Chaundy and Ian Mc Intyre came in second with a very creditable 42 points.

Hans Menzel, who is building a wine cellar for his collection of golf prizes, triumphed again in the Individual event with 37 points and picked up yet another bottle of Prosecco.

After a few words from Stephen Painter it was Homeward Bound after a great day out
PFN, with a nod to John Keats

Report on away day to Burnham Beeches 25th September 2020:

On 25th September 20 doughty Studley Wood Seniors ascended the Chilterns and navigated their way, along vestigial roads through tangled forest, to arrive at the haven of Burnham Beeches Golf Club. We were greeted warmly by the local Covid Squad, who maintained a benevolent surveillance on the group all day,

Our heroes wrapped up against the prevailing 40 MPH wind, which seemed to be in our faces all the way round, and set about spraying balls from the first tee. Soon the course was alive to the sounds of mishit shots, stricken trees and swearing. It was joyful agony and the competition was intense.

In the NTPs Steve Willingham managed, despite warnings from fellow players, to get inside Hans Menzel at the 3rd and to be the only one to stay on the green at the 17th.Steve’s side ( including Roy Pritchard, Martin Wilkinson and Barry Cumberland), also triumphed in the team event and Hans Menzel won the individual bubbly.

After play we settled into the socially-distanced dining room where an excellent meal, of sirloin steak on rosti potatoes followed by Apple Tart Tatin, was served by genial staff. John Dennis, Club Captain, has commented “ The food was as good as I’ve ever tasted at one of these occasions. Wouldn’t have disgraced a top class restaurant.”

All in all a fine day out.

The next Steve Willingham Benefit Day will be staged at Wrag Barn G.C. next month